Service Methods

We at TMA offer many services to help streamline your business. Here are a few:

Supply Chain Design and Management: At TMA we are working to create a win-win solution for both customer and carriers alike. We focus on reducing your company’s overall cost of ownership through proper carrier and mode selection. We combine our experience with our great technology to create a supply chain that runs like a top! This process drives cost reduction through process improvement rather than just 'shifting' costs. We work on a continuous improvement model because we never stop looking for enhancements and improvements.

Carrier Selection: We select strategic service providers based on your unique needs. Verifying; financial stability, insurance requirements, and regulatory compliance. We target carriers in their most desired service lanes. This provides optimal service at competitive rates!

Contract Management: Our expertly crafted contract templates will ensure that you’ll receive precisely what you require from our partners; protection and service.

Committed Resources and Scheduling: We contract with suppliers who dedicate resources required to provide committed schedules and performance. We have the experienced staff to focus on every shipment.

Freight Bill Processing: Streamlining a company’s transportation spend is an ongoing process. That’s why we’ll personally audit freight invoices diligently and provide you with a detailed report with the information you need. GL coding and separation of freight bill line items is standard practice. There are multiple ways to provide historical reports at any given time for any given time period. We can provide them to you or you can go retrieve what you need anytime day or night (24/7). We keep your data safe and encrypted while ensuring it is always at your fingertips.

Claims Processing: Customer claims are processed and filed in compliance with US and International laws. We provide training to ensure when claims occur the proper steps are taken and recovery of funds happens! Monthly claims status (log) are furnished to our clients to ensure everyone is current on all activity.

Route Optimization: Our experienced team is continuously looking for opportunities to combine, shift modes, speed up/slow down, and/or reroute your traffic to ensure the most cost effective & on time service possible for every shipment.

All Mode Shipping: TMA Staff has over 750 years of combined experience in virtually all modes; truckload, LTL, intermodal, ground/air expedites, air charters, international ocean/air, consolidations, pool distributions, and small package. We have over 1000 active transportation service provider relationships to match the right carrier to the right business!

Web Based Operating Systems: We have state of the art systems and top notch team members to make certain your supply chain stays on track! If you’re going to effectively streamline your company, you’ll need to monitor that process regularly to make sure all is going according to plan. That’s why we provide our clients with hands on support from TMA staff along with the means to track their products, manage their payments, keep logs of what has been sent out and receive reports concerning the success of a recent shipping attempt, all online. With our help, you’ll always know your company’s current status in real time.

Freight Audit and Payment: Here at TMA, one of our primary goals is to make sure you never have to pay more than you have to. That’s why we pre-audit any freight bill invoices we receive, keep track of any changes that might need to be made to the invoice and/or agreement signed by our carrier, facilitate payment to said carrier based upon the specific terms of contracts, keep a detailed record of all funds exchanged, respond to any carrier inquires relating to that payment and make sure that all payments are up to date. While at the same time reporting all to you!

Warehouse Sourcing/Management/Operation: TMA offers both in-house warehouse/inventory management solutions along with having some of the best relationships in the business nationwide to provide your company with any/all off site inventory needs! Just ask about our facility in Claremont, NC as an example!

Benchmarking/Reporting: When you’re streamlining your company and working to maximize profits it’s important to stay diligent. That’s why we offer our clients weekly, monthly, quarterly, & annual management and carrier performance reports. All customized to your specifications!

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  • August 15, 2013Transportation Management Services wins national quality award!
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